Once upon a time, was a french marshal, general in chief of the royal armies, under Louis 15th. The marshal decided to rebuild, at the end of the 18th century, the family’s chateau. He wanted a more modern one, adapted to his rank.

Designed and built by the french architect Vincent Barré from 1772 to 1776, Montgeoffroy is the perfect exemple of what the architecture looked like, back at the time.

During the 18th century, the Anjou numbered very few important architectural buildings. However, Montgeoffroy succeeded in filling that void on its own : the chateau is truely impressive thanks to its extent and the coherence of the whole project.


Marechal de contades

Montgeoffroy crossed, without any damages, the french revolution and the chateau is, even today, very well preserved.

It still possesses its original furnitures from Louis 15th and Louis 16th. The main part is stamped by important french cabinetmaker such as Gourdin, Roussel, Blanchard or Druand. The chateau also features some great paintings by Van Loo, Rigaud and Drouais.

The estate had belonged, during the 13th century to Lord Geoffroy de Chateaubriand (an ancestor of the famous romantic writer) before the De Contades family bought it in 1676. Today, the family has opened the doors of this splendid chateau for you, 3 centuries later.

 » There is no such thing as old families…They are all equal in front of the eternity. Some of them might have the chance to preserve their memory. »
Arnold de Contades, Marquis de Montgeoffroy